Jody’s Original Red Pepper
“Authentic Mexican cuisine that doesn't require a trip south of the border.”
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Ruby’s Airport

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Providing Quality Door to Door Service from the Port Huron Area to Detroit's Metro Airport and Flint's Bishop Airport for more than 25 years.
TACO TUESDAYS - 50¢ & 70¢
Catering is available for all occasions!

Are you looking for Mexican cuisine that doesn't require a trip south of the border? Look no further. Red Pepper Mexican Restaurant brings the hospitality and special cuisine of Mexico to Port Huron. There is something about authentic Mexican cuisine that gets the taste buds going and lets the appetite run wild. Red Pepper Mexican Restaurant offers diners warm hospitality and mouth-watering cuisine that will not easily be forgotten. Bring your family and friends, pull up a chair,

indulge in a tasty drink and catch up after a long day at the office. No matter what the occasion calls for or your appetite demands, the friendly staff at Red Pepper Mexican Restaurant won't let you leave without a smile on your face. The menu features classic favorites and modern adaptations to a culinary tradition that has made Mexico a favorite culinary destination. Whether you're looking for a safe haven from the fast food chains of America or in need of a meal that will tempt your cravings, Red Pepper Mexican Restaurant will not let you leave unsatisfied. Pleasant dining and superb Mexican cuisine.

Hours of Operation

Mon-Thu: 10:30am - 9:30pm

Fri-Sat:  10:30am - 4:30am

Sun:  11:30am - 9pm